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Exam Results for December 2019 China Testing

Certification Examination Review and Analysis

You can visit the CCRS (Continuing Certification Requirements System) Exam Analysis page to review the results and analysis of your recent certification exam.

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Additional Certification Information

Continuing Certification Requirements System

Report PDUs as well as check the status of your certification(s) with the Continuing Certification Requirements System. CCRS provides you with the tools to ensure that your certified competencies stay relevant and up-to-date.

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Certification Program

You can use our online certification system to apply if you've met the eligibility criteria. You'll need to provide contact information, education attained, domain experience, and domain education. Upon approval of your application. The online certification system will also allow you to pay for and schedule your exam.

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Important Update for Candidates of the December 2019 China Testing Event

The 2019 December Testing Event in China was successfully completed.

Because of the high volume of results from large testing events like this, exam results are processed in phases, not all on the same day.

The results from the December 2019 China Testing Event will be imported over the period of approximately one week which began on 13 January 2020 (U.S. Eastern).

All candidates will receive a personalized email notification of their results once they have been successfully imported. The email you'll receive to access your personal exam results is your official notification your results are imported. This eliminates needing to come back to the site over and over to check and see if their results were in. Your exam results email lets you know when your results are ready for your review.

Also, please note that your exam result notification contains a personalized URL to access your results. This personalized URL can only be accessed by the candidate and is not meant to be shared.